Bring Back the Sun

by Independent Square

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"Bring Back the Sun" is a groundbreaking album by one of the pioneers of original Sri Lankan rock music, Independent Square. Combining their various influences, the band released a debut album that inspired a generation of young Sri Lankans to pick up their instruments and write their very own music. With limited resources and technology, the band inadvertantly captured a low-fi sound that is raw, yet brutally honest to its origins.


released June 14, 1999

Recorded at Sonexco Studios by Shoby



all rights reserved


Independent Square Colombo, Sri Lanka

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Track Name: Mrs. Cowdrey
Hey Mrs. Cowdrey
what you doing tonight?
It's been so long since you've
gone outside
Your windows are closed
But I can see right through
I think it's time that made a
And she says
i've got all the makings of a lady
And she says
I've got something left inside
And maybe somewhere
Someone still thinks that i am pretty
If only just for a little while
But i can survive
Now I've got through the madness in my life
Though I'm still here in doubt
And maybe I'm crazy
To think that i'm the same as I was
years and years ago
But I know something's gota work
Cos it can't get any harder
I've seen it all
I'm not as mentally strong as I was 10 years ago
i think it's a shame
that someone can do so much
to another
That they lose
The will
to go on
But still can say I love you
what does it mean?
You can say I love you
It doesn't sound that clear to me

I knew a man back then
his name was Henry
he always used to be so full of life
You know I dont know
what happened to that person
All that's left is a body I dont recognize
And she says,
You can hit me if you want to
Cos you know
Tomorrow I will break away
And maybe it's my fault
maybe i should ahve been more independent
then maybe you wouldnt treat
me like you do today.
Track Name: Man from the East
"Now it's that much clearer, now that we've come this far on our own, so let the wine turn to water, cos we've got no one to fit this throne"